The Beard Life Chronicles: The Everyday Struggle

My own Beard Life journey has been an interesting one. One of the biggest struggles (used very loosely) has been the added grooming that comes with having a longer beard. Well not really the actual grooming but the time it takes, especially in the morning. I’ve noticed that as my beard gets longer, the longer it takes to get it just right before I head to office. Its not like its an extra 15-20 mins in the mirror, but when you are trying to get out of the house asap, every minute counts.

Currently I’m back to using the Hot Six oil for beard lubrication followed by combing and brushing before dashing to the front door. Currently at night, I have been using Wanderer Awakening Mint Cedarwood body cleanser. While this is an unortadox choice, I find that it does a very through job of leaving my beard clean and detangled.

The most interesting part of the whole experience has been how comfortable having such a full beard has become. What at first felt like a bush on my chin now feels like it belongs. The initial awkwardness has worn off, and now it just feels like a natural extension of my face.

The dawning of Spring had renewed the itch to make a change, just as Winter’s frosty kiss prompted the initial ideas of growing the beard. A trip to the barber can be seen in the near future. Stay tuned to see what happens.




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