Nintendo Switch on the go: How Does it Handle?

Pop Culture Uncovered

(Editor’s Note: As with any new high ticket electronic device, be mindful of your surroundings if you plan on taking your Nintendo Switch with you on the go.)

By now, everyone who really wanted a Nintendo Switch either has one or is waiting impatiently for the next shipment to come in. I was lucky enough to snag one yesterday because someone didn’t pick up their pre-order in time. I must say that I am more surprised by the Nintendo Switch that I would be and while it still has some growing pains to go through, in its own way it’s a compelling device which may make up for the Wii U.

While I am sure that some of the biggest fans have probably exhausted every reputable (and not so reputable) site looking for tidbits about the Switch, my main focus here is portability. Also, as I am the average person just…

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