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Logan: The Wolverine Film We’ve Been Waiting For

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In the final installment of the Wolverine series, Hugh Jackman proves that whomever is cast in the titular role will have a tough act to follow. Logan takes an introspective look at Wolverine as a broken man who tries to make peace with who he is, as well as his legacy. We also find out that there is a mysterious incident which decimated the mutant population, and that Charles Xavier, played by Patrick Stewart is a part of it.  Meanwhile, a shadow organization has begun weaponizing children using mutant DNA, and when one child finds her way to Logan, he has to make the choice to walk away or use his remaining powers one last time.

The film’s high points:  The narrative was engaging, as this served to be an exploratory look at the character as opposed to an all-out, mindless action movie. Fans of the X-men series will enjoy the…

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