The Lego Batman Movie Brings Desperately Needed Sunshine to a Dark Knight

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Look, Batman’s been a solution in search of a problem for awhile now. Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film both brought Batman back to his darker, grimmer roots, and this step was probably necessary given how the character was trapped in the long shadow of the campy Adam West series for awhile. The difficulty was that, except for two appreciably maligned Joel Schumacher movies, Batman has been almost nothing but dark for awhile now. (The Timmverse respectfully balanced Batman’s darkness with the optimism of the DCU, but we’re well past that wonderful era by now.) Christopher Nolan’s movies ratcheted him into adult territory, and Ben Affleck’s performance in Batman v. Superman wrapped the character so far around the “serious” axle that he flew off and landed in the realm of self-parody. It was so serious, that Batman became silly.

The Lego Batman Movie is the…

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