Raising the Bar: Ditching body wash for bar soap

I just want to be clean! That is the thought that I’m sure that many of us have when it comes to buying soap. The ingredients don’t make a difference as long as I smell good and feel clean after using it. In this solution to the problem, many seek to decide between the use of a body wash or a bar of soap. They both offer their own advantages and disadvantages. In an effort to find better alternatives for my own regiment, I’ve decided to ditch the body wash and get with the bar.

The Problem

As of late I’ve been using the Irish Spring signature body wash with shea butter as Target has conveniently stopped stocking my preferred option of the Eucalyptus body wash by Everyman Jack. I do have the option of using Wanderer Awakening body wash by Dollar Shave Club, but I have found that it does not give my skin the hydration that it needs during this winter season. As a result I wanted (and needed) to find something else. This led me to looking toward bar soap, specifically something a bit more natural and handmade.

The Sandalwood Clay bar

The Solution

One of the awesome thing about soap is that finding someone making them is not hard to find. I was familiar with a local small business that was specialized in body butters and soaps that is at a local mall. Having peripheral experience with the quality of their body butters, I decided look to their soap offerings for a solution. Luckily the Sheawoman Soapery offered a soap bar specifically geared toward men; the Sandalwood Mankind bar. The Mankind bar has a base of bentonite clay with a host of other ingredients including shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, burdock root, goat’s milk, and ginseng root. At $8.48 for a one bar the price tag seemed hefty, but in retrospect it was a fair and reasonable price considering the size of the bar, its ingredients, and the sweat equity that went into creating it.

The Results

I haven’t used a bar soap for daily use in quite a number of years. One of the things that grabs you about the bar (after its massive size) is its smell. The smell is a rich deep sandalwood mixed with the earthiness of the bentonite clay. The aroma is flat-out intoxicating and has taken over the whole bathroom. The bar does an excellent job of cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing. It really feels like my skin is “squeaky” clean after each use.

The End

The Sandalwood Mankind bar as so far lived up to every expectation that I’ve had. Time will tell how long the bar lasts and if this will become my main go in the shower. Until then, shower time will be an intoxicating and worthwhile experience.


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