The Beard Life Chronicles: Oiling up and Cutting in off.

14907826_10154711104143910_1116135089_o_1024x1024Keeping my beard oiled and manageable has been an interesting experience. As stated in earlier posts, I have been using the everything in one oil known as Hot Six oil. Recently (as of yesterday), I received a sample pack of beard oils by Cutlass by Pesanteur to try out. Of the three pack sampler, I decided to try the Jamaican Black Castor Oil per the recommendation of Gerard over at The Board of Directors.

Using the Black Castor oil is certainly a different experience than using the Hot Six oil. First and foremost it is significantly lighter and less viscous than the Hot Six. The effects of the Jamaican Black Castor oil on my beard are noticeably different as well as it left my beard looking fuller and feeling softer. The sample pack included 1 ml samples of not only the Jamaican Black Castor oil, but also samples of their Strongback and Cedar beard oils. If the castor oil demonstrates this much of a change in my beard, I can’t wait to try the other two.

I have also debating my timeline for going back to my “normal” self and returning my beard to its normal length. This journey has been an interesting and fun one, but it is one that will end one day. It didn’t help matters that a colleague of mine abruptly cut his off. How is he going to encourage me in my journey and then he cut his off? Oh the blasphemy of it all (LOL).

Until next time, be stylish but always be yourself.



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