The Beard Life Chronicles: Unforeseen habits and consequences

14847713315821My beard has been growing for about three months now and I’ve noticed some personal habits that are forming because of it, in addition to some unforeseen circumstances that occur because of its growths. Some of these are related my personal day to day, others are related to how others perceive it.


I’ve noticed that I tend to stroke my beard a lot, especially when I’m in a deep conversation I’ve realized that I tend to stroke my beard. It also happens when I’m staring at the computer screen intently. Specifically the tuft of hair directly under my bottom lip. It’s a weird quirk that’s

Playing in the fur

Some of the people in my life absolutely love you play in it. They like to rub it and pull it (gently). It’s really very sweet and cute. No I’m not giving any specifics, and get your minds out of the gutter (lol).

Not being able to see my neck

I can see my neck! My beard now obstructs my view of a significant portion of my neck when it comes to shaving. I now have to physically lift my beard to see what I’m doing. It is just the strangest thing to do when shaving, but it’s one of those things that just comes along as the beard grows.

How long are you going to let it grow?

This is a bit too much for me personally.

The very first question that I get from nearly everyone is “How long are you going to let it grow?” Well I don’t really have answer for that. I do know that I won’t let it get to a Duck Dynasty, ZZ Top, or James Harden level of growth. As I’m already fighting the urge to trim it down every day, I don’t think that I will let it get too much longer than it is.


No new personal experiment is not without its own inserting quirks and wrinkles that it adds to one’s life. This new aspect of my life is certainly causing some very interesting situations on a day to day basis. If you are growing (or have grown out) your beard, what sort of differences and new habits have you notices?



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