The Beard Life Chronicles: The Beginning

As we grow, we change and evolve into new individuals. One’s personal style is no different. I’m not talking about changing your wardrobe based on every new passing fashion fad, I’m talking about us an evolution of your own personal style. Back in 2009 this whole Webster Style experiment started with such an evolution as I ventured into bow ties for the first time as an adult. Over the last few months I’ve embarked on another change, I’ve been letting my beard grow.

What is used to look like.

Personally facial hair has always been my thing. Being clean-shaven is something that is an exotic concept to my own personal projection. However I’ve always kept said facial hair close and neat. So as no shave November occurred I decided to not trim my beard at all. After no shave November came and went, I decided to let it grow and see where this journey would take me.


Growing my beard out has been an interesting experience. I began by looking on the YouTube (yes that is a technical term) at different tutorials and such trying to glean bits of knowledge with regards to care, upkeep, and what products to use. Next I consulted a few colleagues who have longer beards, I was surprised to find that most didn’t use any special products on their beards. Armed with this new knowledge I went forth to begin the process.

One of the most important aspects of growing your beard is to keep it oiled. Many I talked to recommend coconut oil. We’ll I didn’t have that on hand so I began using African Royale’s hot six oil. Being that is a combination of many different oils including olive oil and sweet almond oil and other ingredients that are similar to many of the beard oils that I have researched that are on the market, I figured it would be a good choice instead of purchasing something new.

What it looks like now.

The second most important aspect of growing and keeping up your beard is washing it. Just as with my oil solution I searched for an in-house solutions and landed on unlikely one, Neutrogena men invigorating face wash. As it is currently my daily facial wash I just added an extra dollop and eureka minty clean beard. Now I’ve tried various shampoos that are around the house, but the deep cleaned feeling that the facial wash leaves is unmatched thus far.


Lastly combing your beard is a necessary daily ritual. I have been told that a wooden comb in beneficial to promote grown and over upkeep. As you can imagine a small wooden comb wasn’t just lying around so I decided to use a small plastic pocket comb and it has been working great.

So after two plus months into this personal experiment, I have gotten used to this ever-growing mass on my chin. It is a different look for me. Now I just have to figure out how long I’m going to let it grow to, and how long am I going to be able to fight the urge to cut it all off. Only time will be able to answer either of these questions.

If anyone has any suggestion on beard care including grooming tips and interesting product to use please let me know.


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