Stylish Three for under $30 ft. @mishoeneckwear @shavewitholivers & @jfoxcufflinks

Anytime that you can get a high quality style accessory for less than an Andrew Jackson, or better yet less than an Alexander Hamilton your wallet will scream in excitement. This month we found a few quality items to up your style while not breaking your bank. Your wallet can thank us now.

Mishoe Neckwear 

This hand made neckwear company based out of Baltimore is offering a few selected items for under twenty bucks as part of the liquidation of their summer inventory. Right now you can pick up the Humid Garden for $17.02 or the Summer Sage for just $19.77. In addition to these great buys, you can get their Signature bow tie in a variety of colors for just $25.95.


Oliver’s Skincare
Proper grooming is an essential part of anyone’s look and finding quality products are key to keeping this look pristine. Oliver’s Skincare offers two great products for a great low price. Those needing extra care of their ever-growing beard can obtain Oliver’s Beard Oil containing natural sunflower, jojoba, and shea oils for just $14.99. In addition their excellent shave cream containing oat, sandlewood, and green tea is just $11.99 for a 4oz container.


JFox Cufflinks
The plethora of cufflinks that are available for purchase on the web, and as a result it can be hard of a business to really stand out. With their watch movement steampunk inspired cufflinks, Jfox Cufflinks certainly stands out from the pack. At only $18.22 (converted from £14.99), these cufflinks are a great buy for anyone looking to spice up their look.





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