European Travel: Tips for making that big step to travel abroad – Part III

Now that you have returned home

The trip has ended, you have taken the long flight home and now that you are back, there are a few things you want to do to end your trip on a good note.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

The biggest thing is recovery.  First and foremost, before returning to work or everyday activities, rest a few days if your schedule allows.  If this is your first trip abroad, you want to make sure that you get your body re-acclimated to the time change.  It may actually take a couple of days and maybe up to a week,  to fully get your body back on its regular sleep pattern and believe me, the first 2 or three days coming back from an overseas trip is a doozy when it comes to trying to sleep.  There are no right answers on what you should do but what worked for me especially once I started back to work was going to bed a lot earlier to ensure I at least got 8 hrs. because sometimes I still got up an hour early. Or you may want to adjust your work schedule until your body is back on schedule. My best advice is also allow at least 2 or 3 days off after your trip to begin adjusting to your normal time zone.  Unless you are used to it or your job calls for it, it’s risky to come right back from a European trip and go straight back to work.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Of course, now is a great time to edit your pictures and dole out your souvenirs.  You did remember to back up all of your pictures right?  Great!  Get them edited and posted and also consider even making some posters that you can frame and hang in your home.  Now you can finally post your pictures on social media if you are inclined and just bask in the memories of being in a new place. If you took some video, now may be a great time to make home movies as well.

Mykonos Greece

Once home, if you really enjoyed the food, test your skills and try to make a particular dish or get together with friends, eat and talk about your trip.  Your stories can encourage others to follow your path. If you remember to get the name of some of the dishes you sampled, it should be no problem getting a decent recipe and experimenting.

Entertainers at Piccadilly Circus
Entertainers at Piccadilly Circus

Most of all, if you really enjoyed yourself, start planning for your next trip.  Remember what you did this last time and think of how you can improve.  Everything that you did before to study up, start again and take notes.  Pretty soon you will be off on your next trip!


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