Can a $2 watch be any good?

wp_20160917_16_43_22_proAs I’ve gotten older I noticed that I have gotten more and more into watches. I wouldn’t say that I have an expensive watch collection, but the hand full that I do own are very serviceable. With the long reaching tentacles of the internet, you can pretty much find anything that you want and have it delivered to your door. While surfing through a tentacle called a few months ago, I just happened upon a nice looking watch. When I saw that it was only two bucks ($3 after a $1 shipping fee), it was immediately purchased for less than the price of a cup of joe at Starbucks. Now I only had to wait a month for it to get here.


The Arrival

There is no recollection if a delivery notification from the app or not, but the watch did arrival about a month after order. It arrived with no fan fair in the mailbox, housed in a small plain padded envelope. Upon opening the envelope, the watch was seen wrapped in a clear plastic encasing. With inspection after opening, the watch was in good shape and just ticking away. Ticking away very loudly.


e551e6c6-ea5f-4cd4-9a9c-dfd2dbbe0cb1_momentThe Quality

First and foremost this isn’t a Rolex nor is it a Swatch. The quality isn’t going to rival a watch that you pay over $50 or so for, but it can rival that of a $10-$20 watch that you may pick up at retailer like Target. The up side of the watch is that it keeps very good time. After six plus months of use, the watch hasn’t loss time at all. As a result it tells and keeps the time very well. The downside of the watch is that the additional faces and buttons on the side are not functional and are strictly for show. This was a bit of a bummer as the description didn’t make mention that they were nonfunctional features, but for only two dollars there is no complaint. The watch wasn’t advertised to have any water resistance, so that aspect wasn’t tested.


The Verdict

There is no regret in purchasing this watch. The strap is a bit cheap and stiff, and some one the “features” are ornamental only, but after months of use the watch itself looks just as it did on the day that it arrived. For only three dollars, this Chrono style watch is a steal for those who just need a watch to tell time and to look nice. Conversely due to its price, when it comes time to replace the battery, you are better off just buying a new watch as it will be cheaper than buying the battery outright or paying someone to replace it. At the end of the day, this watch is a solid time-keeper with no frills and a rock bottom price for those with a little patience.




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