Three Things we want to know about Nintendo’s Switch

Now we know what Nintendo is cooking up…or do we?

Pop Culture Uncovered

In a relatively surprise move, Nintendo has released some details about their upcoming next-gen console, which we now know will be called the Nintendo Switch. A modular system, it will of course provide in-home single & multiplayer gaming. However, it also appears that the Switch will allow gamers to continue playing their games anywhere, anytime, and with whomever they want.

The eponymous gaming giant also posted a video on their YouTube channel, which details the hybrid between an in-home console & a portable device. The Switch will also go back to Nintendo’s roots of using cartridge-based games, as opposed to the current industry standard of discs. In the video, a demonstration is shown of the core of the console being lifted from its home-based “Switch Dock” station, and controller accessories being used to play a Zelda game while the user is traveling. In addition to these features, it appears that…

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