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The Playlist: BulletProof Love via @LukeCage & MethodMan

This past weekend was spent binge watching Marvel’s newest offering on Netflix, the unbelievable show that is Luke Cage. Music is used as a vital part of the storytelling in Marvel’s Luke Cage to convey an overall feel and mood of the show. The use of music in mood setting and storytelling in Luke Cage is very reminiscent of New York Undercover (maybe its just the whole nightclub thing) from the 90s, and nowhere is this more evident as when Method Man shows up. In a later episode of the series,  a chance encounter with Luke Cage as he prevented a convenience store robbery prompts the rapper to deliver a “freestyle” which is used to illustrate the community’s perception and support of Cage during the events of the series. The freestyle has now been released to the masses as “BulletProof Love”. With this release the only question we want to know is when are they going to release a full soundtrack?




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