Stylish Three for Under $30 – Fall Essentials Edition ft. @Haband @MelakuAroma @ethosgrooming

Fall is here and its a great time for style. The gradual phasing out of summer coupled with the very quick phasing in of Pumpkin Spice everything (what’s up with that?) brings a unique opportunity to change-up your wardrobe up. What better way to change up your style for under thirty bucks? Take a look these great item that won’t kill your budget.

Fleece Cardigan by Haband

A good cardigan can go a long way. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn casually with jeans, it can be used to create the ultimate fall business casual look, or it can add extra depth to your business attire. This fleece cardigan by Haband could be an excellent addition to your closet, especially for a price of just $24.



Lion Man’s Beard Kit by Melaku Aromatherapy

As beautiful as autumn is, it’s also a precursor to winter. During autumn and heading into winter, many start go grow their beards a bit thicker. As a result, this new growth need extra care which is where the Lion Man’s Beard Kit by Melaku Aromatherapy comes into play. The kit includes beard oil, wash, and balm composed of all natural ingredients. For $28 this is a must have for any beard lover.



Alfred Lane Vanguard Solid Cologne by Ethos Grooming

Fall is a great time for trying out new fragrances. At just under eighteen bucks, this handcrafted combination of shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, and fragrance could be a great addition to your autumn collection.






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