Dressing for Autumn – East Coast Style

Depending on where you are now, autumn is most definitely kicking in. And yes, the adage, “Fall is in the air” is definitely floating around. Gone is the stifling heat of June and July and in comes cooler days where long sleeves and a jacket may be required. Also depending on where you are, each day can be a bit different as we march towards winter. Some days it still may get warm enough where we may have that rare chance to put on a pair of shorts, others where we may actually have to wear gloves and a coat.

As for me, each day depends on the weather. If it’s just cool enough, I have a windbreaker or a bomber jacket of one of my favorite sports teams that I wear. As far as shirts, I actually love this time of year as I actually can wear long sleeves and sweaters which are comfortable. Also, gotta have some cool kicks! From really dressy shoes to chukkas, I am prepared for each day…mostly.

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We all have our own ways in preparing for this weather so I asked a few of my friends what are their fall essentials.   Below, many of them weighed in on what they have that gets them through this time period. From boots to hats, everyone has something that stands out.


Mark – Boston

Autumn up here in New England is Hoody or long sleeve shirt under short sleeve shirt.
Hui Chin – Georgia
Uggs, yoga pants, and light sweatshirts or long sleeve tops. Except in GA, it doesn’t get cool until like November to need anything long sleeved.

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Katie – Washington, DC

All of the hats and blazers.”  When asked where she finds her items, Katie said, “Vintage shops and consignment stores usually. I like classic older pieces that can be combined with contemporary.

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Lynne – Virginia
Always need hats. I try to make my own. Infinity scarves, leggings, and boots!

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Ginevra – Virginia
Boots, jumpers (sweaters), knitwear, and tweed of any kind. Of course, Faetten  goes for his Grinch hat made by my brother, Liam.

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 Rosa – Maryland
Nerd scarves! I’ve got BB8, R2D2, GoT house sigils, ewoks, DC bombshells, and more!

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Alley – Maryland
My cowgirl boots with leggings or straight-leg pants and all the scarves and beanies.

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Victor – Virginia

Hoodies! I could have a 100 of them and not have enough, 3/4 sleeve shirts, and scarves.

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 Portia – New York
 I love comfy fall colored sweaters and leggings (Photo by Steve Sokuul). This stylish poncho with leggings and heels is also a favorite of mine.

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Rossi – Maryland

I definitely need long sleeve Polos and jackets

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Brook – Maryland

In all seriousness, once it drops below 70 (on a regular daytime basis), I go from shorts to jeans.

Otherwise, there’s no change until it drops into the low 60’s/high 50’s… and then I put on a long-sleeve over-shirt or jacket.
Cold doesn’t phase me… I’ve got that northern blood.



Matt – New York

I’m just posting my shoes. Now this is not a lot for some but it’s enough and how I got these is a story for another time. Basically shoes go with your outfit and for me as you can see it’s mostly black, red, white, and now green.



Amanda – Virginia

For me, it’s usually my leather jacket over a sweater/hoodie. Add my HP house scarf & striped gloves when it’s colder

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Quinton – Virginia

I usually put on one of ten sweat jackets and a baseball cap and chill!

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Lastly, one of my friends, Naomi, chimes in from the great northwest and this is what she has to say.

This is why I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world (Vancouver). Because, while I love living in Canada, I don’t want to live in CANADA. That s**t’s COLD!!

Not really her, but an accurate of what one would do during autumn in Canada.
Not really her, but an accurate representation of what one would do during autumn in Canada.

So what is your favorite gear for the autumn season? let us know in the comments below!

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