David Bowie Fans: A special treat for you

Something special for David Bowie fans

Pop Culture Uncovered

We have suffered loss after loss in 2016 but few were as big as David Bowie’s loss.

When losses like this occur, many are wondering how much unreleased music is out there and how will they be able to get it. Fret not, fans, on Friday, Spotify released a David Bowie box set filled with musical rarities and outtakes. The album is entitled Who Can I Be Nowand contains over 100 songs many of which are remasters as well as live performances as well.

Disc #4 is one that fans will really want to stream. Entitled The Gouster, it contains 7 songs recorded in the early 70’s that at some point were released intermingled in other albums.  However, this collection is supposed to be the first that brings them all together.

So what are you waiting for? Prince’s unreleased library?

Don’t hold your breath.

Click over to Spotify and enjoy!

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