Bow Tie Thursday with @angeloigitegocollection

Many of us aren’t too socially conscious when it comes to purchasing our clothing, especially those of us in the west. There are no questions or concerns about who made it, how it was made, or what kind of conditions it was created in. The ethics behind clothing and accessories is very much a part of what drives the accessory company known as Angelo Igitego. Created by Angelo Igitego and Anthony Gregorio, the company has a primary goal of creating jobs for men and women in their 20s and 30s who were living below the poverty line.

Angelo Igitego is an ethical fashion company that makes high-end bow ties, pocket squares and accessories by hand in Rwanda. All product in their line are made with kitengeKitenge is a batik cotton fabric that is popular in East Africa. It’s known for having a rough texture while featuring bold colors and complex patterns.






For more information of the Angelo Igitego collection visit them at

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