Dapper: Black Men In Fashion provides a fascinating but short look at men of color in the fashion world. @dreamnation_tv

This site was created in part because there was a very evident absence in the men’s style and fashion realm when it came to the voices of men of color. It’s very culmination occurred because the mainstream didn’t showcase our voices or perspectives on a regular basis (if at all). Due to this reason, the very notion of a web series (or any series for that matter) focusing on African -American men in fashion is exciting and intriguing at the same time. That is why Dapper: Black Men In Fashion was on the radar as a show that just had to be watched.

phototastic-9_13_2016_3c9a35a2-3a6e-470a-afbc-b2646e5f1ea61Dapper: Black Men In Fashion is a web series distributed by Dream Nation TV that focuses on black men in fashion. The seven episode series does an excellent job of capturing a wide range of perspectives including those of style influencers, clothing and accessory designers, and everyday men with style. The series interviews men of style including the likes of Sabir Peele, Odell Dickerson, and Darrick Leak.

The strength of the series is that it does an excellent job imparting an intimate portrayal of each subject, especially for a 9-10 minute episode. As a viewer you get a very detailed and engaging depiction of the passion that drives each of them. The only downside to the series is that each episode last only to 9-10 minutes. The engaging nature of each episode leaves you wanting more when an episode concludes.

The series as a whole is very impressive featuring top notch production and direction. One can only hope that season two continues to expand on a stellar first season. If you haven’t figured it out already, Dapper: Black Men In Fashion is a must see for any man of style.


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