@Ciszere Look book Autumn/Winter 2016

Ciszere is a young creative shirt brand based in Sweden that is exploring the boundaries between the terms casual and well dressed. The brand is influenced by the digital world around us where trends arise instantly. They strive to reach out to the sharp man who seeks expressions in this modern social world. The brand started out as a small concept project in 2013 focusing on designing shirts with influences from sports and functional wear. Today they offer a wider range of shirts for all everyday occasions. The name Ciszere comes from an old spelling of sheep shears and is a local celebration of their home and its valuable textile history.

Ciszere’s Autumn/winter 16 collection is based in classic designs with toned colors, but they wanted to go further from the classical collars . Doing so they went with the ZIP-shirt and the Straight collar to give a new modern expression. They combined these with their ”Printed in Sweden” line to create a unique limited collection of shirts. The patterns are 100 % custom and printed locally in Sweden. In addition to their 100 % cotton shirts, they also offer 100 % merino Wool shirts dubbed the Super 120 Merino. The Super 120 Merino is very thin and absorbs color superb which gives a great look. Since its long and strong wool fibers the shirt is 100 % wrinkle free, compared to a cotton shirt with wrinkle free finish.


For more information about Ciszere, visit them at www.Ciszere.se.

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