Eucalyptus Mint Wash by @everymanjackbrand First Impressions

Walking through Targèt over the years I’ve always seen the Every Man Jack line of men’s grooming products but have never felt the need to try any of them. A change has come and for whatever reason a recent trip to the retailer spurred me to give them a try. Keeping with the theme of exploring men’s body washes, I decided to pick up the Eucalyptus Mint scent. Here are our first impressions after a few days.

• The body wash itself is a great value. For under $6 bucks for a 16.9oz bottle, you with get a lot of bang for your buck.
• The scent is very pleasant. It will most certainly open your eyes that much wider in the morning.
• It lathers very well and leaves the skin feeling very clean and refreshed.
• While the scent is very pleasant, it doesn’t linger long on the skin post shower.

Please note that these are only first impressions after a couple of days of use. Always remember that you have to use products like this over an extended period to really get a good assessment as to how well it works with your body chemistry as a whole. As a result, look our for a full review in about 30 days.


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