Suicide Squad Micro-Review

Went into this movie with low (very low) expectations and it was better than expected but not great. The story was pointless and totally wasted a good cast. There was plenty of action and laughs, but there was just a hollow feeling because of the pointless plot.

1. Will Smith shines in any movie that he’s in (except AE). His Deadshot was cool.
2. Margot Robbie is the PERFECT Harley Quinn! Her and Smith have great on screen chemistry (makes us want to see Focus now).
3. Jared Leto’s Joker was ok. It was more like a modern take on Jack Nicholson’s version than anything else.
4. Dear DC entertainment don’t do mid credit or after credit scenes. If you don’t want to be compared to marvel films then don’t do what they do!
5. Great casting throughout, except Katana served no purpose. One of our favorite Outsiders was so wasted.
6. There is just something about the Flash’s suit we just don’t like.

Final Verdict:
It was a fun movie, but it’s one that is much more enjoyable watching it via a streaming service or dvd/bluray when it’s available. WAIT FOR IT!


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