Pokémon Go: What’s keeping you in the game?

We know you are still Playing Pokémon Go…

Pop Culture Uncovered

Pokémon Go has really become a phenomenon in under a month. In the short time since its release, it’s been more popular than Facebook, Minecraft and porn.   Even though the initial release was buggy as hell, many players slogged on through in hopes of catching as many as they can. One of the biggest hidden benefits has been that it has gotten many people outside and exercising. Many people, myself included, have discussed some of the benefits of a game like this helping people, young and old, re-discover the simple art of basic exercise, but also finding some local landmarks as well.

Another benefit to Pokémon Go, has of course been the social aspect of playing. There never been anything that has brought people closer together than random strangers meeting up and going for Pokémon hunts. Not only has this been beneficial to players but businesses as well…

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