Bowtie Thursday ft. @Blow_Ties

It has been a while since we have highlighted some of the best and most unique bow ties around. This week we are highlighting Blow Ties. Blow Ties is a London-based men’s accessories company whose concept is one the that dares to stand out and lead. According to Blow Ties, they represent a revolution against sameness, mass production and stereotypes. Blow ties stands for the generation that thinks on its own, for the liberty of loving thy-selves, for the small ideas that can produce a great impact. While this style manifesto is insightful as to what their company is all about, the only thing that anyone cares about is whether or not their bow ties are any good. Well the answer to that question it yes.

Floral Self Tie



Flowers and Circles Self Tie



Navy Circles Self Tie



Red Tartan Self Tie


theses are only a few of the swanky bow ties that are offered by Blow Ties. In addition these, they also offer more traditional ties, pins, and other men’s style accessories. For more information be sure to visit them at


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  1. Thanks for colouring my life with these epic bow ties. And those boxes are TOO awesome!!


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