Sartorial and Geek: Geeky Ways To Clip Your Money via @pcuncovered

It seems like our pockets continue to get loaded down with stuff no matter how are we try. Our wallets have become bulky bottomless pits of all the things that we really don’t need in a given day. In an effort to empty my pockets and to streamline the contents of my wallet I have been experimenting with a few different options for a better organized pocket(s). One of the options that I have been experimenting with is the use of a money clip. Now I know that most of us don’t usually carry cash, but when slimming down the contents of your wallet (or purse for that matter) a money clip could be a great aid. Of course when using a money clip, we have to get a little geeky with it.

Putting my money where my mouth is, I’m currently carrying this amazing Spiderman money clip that was part of a wallet set that I received a little while back. It totally clashes in designed with the sleek black wallet and business card case that I usually carry, but it’s a fun way of expressing my passions and interests while not taking myself too seriously.

WP_20160725_10_06_52_Pro (2)

Obviously there are other options out there and one of my favorites is the one that I’m sure that Bruce Wayne (and Ben Affleck) would carry there crisp $100 bills in. This awesome Batarang money clip is certain to keep your hard-earned cash safe and collected while doubling as a weapon to ward off the doers of evil.


If you’re interested in keeping a mystical death grip around your cash, then I suggest this Darth Vader money clip. Nothing says stay away from my money or there will be serious consequences like the dark lord of the Sith himself.


The aspiring entrepreneur in all of us can get down with protecting and growing our cash flow with a little Heisenberg in our pockets. These Breaking Bad inspired money clips will no doubt inspire anyone to find new ways (legal ones) to increase and diversify their revenue streams.



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