Is Gentlemens Refinery Shave System Refined Enough for you? via @TheSampleMan_

DSCF0308With the range of options that are available for shaving products, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to find the right one. At least it seems impossible to find the one that works for you at the right price. One option that we have found on our quest for a great shaving solution is the natural and organic one by The Gentlemens Refinery.

What’s In It?

The quality of a product (or products) is only as good as the quality of ingredients that are put into it . The products in The Gentlemens Refinery line include ingredients such as:

So Does It Work?

As a system, the line by The Gentlemens Refinery works. The pre-shave oil provides a nice coating to the skin to help get hairs ready for the shaving process. The shaving cream offers a light aroma that’s not overpowering at all. The shaving cream also give a really good lather, making the shaving process really smooth. Upon pouring out the after shave balm, it was very surprising to see the lucid consistency as it came out of the bottle. Its application went well, but as you can imagine it was a little runny. The crown jewel of the system is the moisturizer. Many moisturizers tend to lay on the skin as a thick coating , in contrast The Standard moisturizer applies to the skin with a silky smoothness. It also has an extremely long life as it provides a soft and smooth luster to the skin throughout the day.

Is It Worth The Money?

The short answer is yes and no. When taken as a whole, the shaving system is a bit over priced when it comes what is available on the market. However when you look at the individual parts, some are clearly worth more than others for the price. The shaving cream ($20) and pre-shave oil ($25) are analogous with similar product that one the market. In contrast the moisturizer ($48) and after-shave balm ($40) are bit pricey when compared to many of its competitors. With that said, the moisturizer is certainly worth its weight in gold.

Final Impressions

There are very mixed emotions when it comes to The Gentlemens Refinery’s shaving system. On one hand it provides a great shaving experience, one that is equivalent to many products in the same category. On the other hand the system as a whole doesn’t shine especially when you factor in the price for some of the component products both individually and collectively. As the centerpiece of the system (our opinion), the moisturizer is head and shoulders above similar products, while the rest of the system is what you expect for the price that you pay.



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