Stylish Three for Under $30 (June 2016) ft. @swag.ties @cam_marie_dress & @dappervigilante

In life we strive to be the best selves that we can be. For many, part of this mantra extends to presenting our best selves to the world around us by dressing well. Unfortunately dressing well is often times synonymous with spending lots of your hard-earned dollars. Contrary to popular belief, there are many affordable options out there for the well dressed. This month we look at few stylish items that wont break the bank.


We have covered many subscription services but none are like Swagties. It is no surprise that we have a certain love of bow ties here at the site, and Swagties is a new subscription service that deals specifically with bow ties. With subscriptions starting as low as 13.50 per month, getting a quality bow tie has never been easier or cheaper.


Ascots by Cam-Marie

Ascots are an accessory that we haven’t quite explored on the site, but the ascot collection by Cam-Marie can’t be beat. Sporting a selection of unique designs and colors, the collection’s price tag of $25 a piece makes these ascots a must have for any ascot aficionado.


Stainless Steel Bracelets by Dapper Vigilante

We’ve always contended that men’s jewelry should be very minimalist. With this idea in mind we were drawn to the bracelet collection by Dapper Vigilante. At only $27, they offer a wide selection of stainless steel bracelets that are both minimalistic and stylish at the same time.


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  1. Swag Ties says:

    Thanks for featuring us in your blog post! You have good taste. 😉


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