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Our Five Favorite Smartwatches ft. @martianwatches @vector_watch @pebble @apple @moto_usa

Connected devices are becoming more and more main stream with each passing day. In most metropolitan areas it’s hard to go through a day without seeing someone utilizing a Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple watch, or some other connected device. While the majority of connected devices being used are primarily fitness trackers, the line between the two is becoming increasingly blurred every single day. With that more and more consumers are opting for a “true” smartwatch experience. With the amount of options that are available on the market, we take a look at some of favorites that are on the market today.

Apple Watch

What can you not say about the Apple Watch that hasn’t been already said in the year plus that it has been on the market? The defacto connected device for iPhone users is one that has bolstered the public’s awareness of smartwatches, but it has failed to become the category leader like many Apple products before it. You see many of them in the wild, but realistically the modern design of the device severely clashes with (style wise) the most professional of attire. Even with a business casual mindset, the Apple watch still sticks out like a sore thumb. However it does work for many and its ability to be accessorized with cases and covers increases the versatility of its coordination factor.  Its sporty nature makes is a great looking everyday casual watch, you just won’t catch us wearing it in more formal attire.

Moto 360

Maybe it’s just a subconscious suggestion that a watch looks the best when its round. Maybe it’s just our biased when it comes to watches in general but the Moto 360’s round design set it apart from other android based smartwatches when it was released. With the release of the second generation Moto 360, Motorola kept what was loved about the initial designed, updated the guts, and with an updated version of Android wear gave us a much more polished offering. The Moto 360 is a connected device that apes the style of more traditional watches which allows it to compliment more a business casual to a more formal styles.

Pebble Time Round

Pebble is the Kickstarter darling that arguably kick off the whole smartwatch “craze” a few years ago. Known for their unique designs and interface, Pebble opted to stray away from its normal design language when it released the Pebble Time Round. As you can imagine by its name, the Pebble Time Round saw the company make a more traditional looking smartwatch while only sacrificing a small amount of the battery life that is found in the rest of its line of smartwatches. Much like the Moto 360, its round design and simple styling compliments and accents as you travel from the board room to pool room.

Martian Watches

For Martian watches, it is very difficult to pick just one as they offer a diverse line of options to suit any taste. The one signature that is carried across their entire line is the melding of a traditional watch face (moving hands and all) along with basic connected functionality including voice capabilities (in some models) and notifications. Their forthcoming line of watches (mVip) will add basic fitness tracking functionality in addition with its already robust connected functionality. Martian’s diverse line up of watches will allow you to find a timepiece that is versatile and complementary to your individual style. See our review of the Martian Notifier here.

Vector Watch

In our review of the Vector Watch we wondered if it was the perfect smartwatch. With its support for multiple operating systems, super long battery life, and an elegant simplistic style, you seem to get the best of everything that makes a smartwatch desirable. Add in its growing app functionality and growing ecosystem, and you look to have a device that you won’t be swapping out on an annual to biannual basis. The Vector watch is a premium looking device with a long battery life that grown up tech enthusiast have been clamoring for.



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