Why stories like ‘Roots’ are still necessary.

Pop Culture Uncovered

Nearly forty years later, Roots has been brought back to the forefront of American television.  When it was announced last year that this was being done after nearly 40 years, I and many others in the Black community wondered why this was needed.  In the 2 nights thus far, terms like ‘critical acclaim’ and ‘thought provoking’ have been bandied about because, honestly, how can you bad mouth a story about a dark part of America which still affects us today?  As much as some of us hate re-imaginings, remakes and reboots, there is a reason why unfortunately stories like Roots needs to be told and that is to keep people from forgetting.

I recently read what Snoop Dogg said about why he is boycotting Roots.  He is very much on point with his opinion:

“They just want to keep showing us the abuse that we took hundreds and hundreds of…

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