The Sartorial Geek: A Pocketful of Geek via @PCUncovered

Every well-dressed man should understand that if it has a pocket, then that pocket needs to be filled. There are plenty of choices on what to fill your pocket with from pocket rounds to wooden squares, yet the common wisdom to fill it with a pocket square. Many times these squares tend to be a bit mundane with the go to standard being a plain white one or one that matches your current tie. However what if I told you that you can sprinkle a little geekdom into your suit and tie with a pocket square, would you take the challenge?

Let’s be honest, the house that Walt built owns us all. Many (if not most) of our favorite properties are owned by Disney, and as a result we will at some point in time be giving the House of Mouse some of our hard-earned coins to either it or licensees to express our fandom. One such may to shell out some coin to Disney is with a Star Wars themed pocket square. The Force will definitely be with you with a little Yoda in your front pocket.


The man from Gallifrey has always had his own unique still and this has been showcase with each one of The Doctor’s 13 iterations. While The Doctor has changed over the years, the one thing that has remained constant is the TARDIS. So when it comes to having a little timey wimey style, try out a TARDIS themed pocket square like this one.



Clearly being dapper is not the best style of dress to have if you have been dropped in the an episode of The Walking Dead or your favorite Romero flick. However in this reality, a zombie splatter themes pocket square is a great choice to accent your pocket. This will set off your style as you seem to outrun the undead.

With matching bow tie


Filling that empty pocket shouldn’t be a hassle. Skip the mundane and dare to step out with a little flair. Be a fan and sprinkle a little geekdom into your suit and tie with a pocket square.


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