Sartorial And Geek, Style

The Sartorial Geek: Geek Bling

Personally, I have never been one to wear or own lots of jewelry. I can count the number of rings that I’ve owned and worn over the course of my entire life on one hand. With that said, I have tended to only wear items of this nature that have some sort of meaning to me. While many pieces have had sentimental value, some have been very much an expression of my passions and geekdom. A item has to be special and unique to catch me eye, and in today’s world there are certainly plenty of options.


SavedPicture-2016323171828.jpgThere are plethora of fandom related rings on the market. While my left hand is reserved for only one ring, my right is adorned with a black metal ring emblazoned with the Superman logo. It’s a simple ring but it was given to me by very special people. If you are looking to give a ring to a really special person then a custom made ring might be the way to go……

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