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The Vector Watch (@vector_watch): The Perfect Smart Watch?

It is widely know that we have a general love and admiration for smartwatches. While their current state of functionality is adequate for most uses, part of the intrigue about smartwatches is their potential for even further integration into our lives as technology advances. All this promise is slowed (our opinion) by two key factors: limited battery life and specific OS attachments. While industry pioneer Pebble is constantly bucking both of these trends, most of the high profile devices only work fully with one of the two major operating systems and are lucky to last 1 to 2 days before you need to charge. Looking to solve these issues while offering a new and unique experience, the Vector line of smartwatches offers compatibility with the top three mobile operating systems and claims 30 days of battery life.


Vector offers two line of watches; the Luna and the Meridian. The Meridian offers a square watch face while the Luna offers a round face with both offering the same internal specification. The visual appeal of the Vector line stems from its simplistic design which lends it overall look and feel to that of a dress watch. Just as with many other smartwatch offerings, the Vector line offers a variety watch faces which adds to the functionality, but still maintains its elegance with its monochromatic (white on black) display.


As with other smartwatches, the Vector offers various application notification to supplement the standard watch interface. The standard notifications for calendar, sleep/step tracking, social messaging, uber, CNN, are others are all here, but Vector stands out with what it’s calling “streams”. Streams are areas on your watch dedicated for key contextual information such as time zones, calorie counters, stock market information, calendar events and social streams. So instead of toggling through various menus or app screens to find out information, the information can be displayed right on the watch face for the ultimate glance and go convenience.


As previously mentioned, battery life (or the lack there of) is a key limiting factor in using a smartwatch for many. Smartwatch lines like those from Martian incorporate a traditional watch face complimented by smart capabilities to preserve battery life. In contrast the Vector banks heavily on its minimal specifications and its simplistic monochromatic face to keep battery consumption at a minimum. Keep in mind that if you are someone that gets a heavy amount of notifications you will not see that 30 day threshold, however many report that a two week life is likely with heavy use. Two weeks is still head and shoulders about most (if not all) of the competition.

Lifestyle_Meridian_SteelIs It Worth It?

With the Vector line starting at $249 for the base model Meridian, the Vector is not an impulse buy. It’s price point firmly places it in direct completion with higher end smart watches like the Apple Watch and the LG Watch Urbane. Does it have all of the functionality of these competitors? The answer is no as Watch OS and Android Wear are rapidly maturing systems with robust developer support. Vector does the basics for what any smartwatch owner would want plus more with a maturing system of its own. Even at its highest price point a Vector watch is worth the money.

Vector Smartwatch NYC Press LaunchConclusion

What you get with a Vector is a simpler and more elegant way of doing things for those that want a watch first and a smartwatch second. It is a premium looking device with a long battery life that grown up tech enthusiast have been clamoring for. Plus with its support for android, ios, and windows, anyone can use own it knowing that it will work with whatever device that they are ha. The Vector watch is truly the smartwatch to watch.


 Take a look at this review of the Vector Luna by Windows Central


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