1st Impression: The Division and the single player experience

Check out our impression of The Division

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(Editor’s note: as the title implies, this is a 1st impression of the game from a few hours of gameplay. This is not a full review.)

**played on Xbox One**

Let’s clear this up right now.   This impression is geared to a set audience.   If you have played the beta and you are already made up your mind on the game, this isn’t for you. If however, you have been on the fence about this game and need to hear from someone else who was this is for you.

The biggest target I want to reach out to are the gamers, who like myself are 35 years and over, married or at least with some serious responsibilities going on at home, who may not have time to game daily like some of our younger counterparts and looking for a game that, if we play online we can get in…

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