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How I Work with @MarcPolite #TechStyle

How we work is changing rapidly as we are becoming more and more dependent on the convenience of mobile technology. We can now work anywhere.  Considering that, we wanted to know what today’s professional is using to be productive “like a boss”. Being a busy author, speaker, and proprietor of the award winning website Polite On Society; Marc Polite is certainly a multitasking man that is always on the go. We reached out to Marc to learn about how he works.

Q. What device(s) do you use the most?

Temas-Samsung-Galaxy-CoreA. I use a Samsung Galaxy Core to write most of my content.

Q. What apps do you use on the regular and how?

A. I utilize the stock Memo app to write and take notes at events. I then make any edits and then transfer the text to WordPress App to create post for Polite On Society. I also use the Galaxy Core’s camera to take most of my pictures for the site as well. The phone’s Voice Recorder is vital in creating my podcasts. I convert the recorded .3gpp files from Voice Recorder to Mp3’s using the Zamzar web site and then upload them to the web.

Q. What device(s) that you don’t own would help to increase your mobile productivity?

image17A. One device that I would like to have is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I currently have the Blackberry Playbook, and its showing its age. I would like to have the Galaxy Tab because it has mobile office software, and a really good camera.

You can find more about Marc by visiting To read more about his views on politics and society in general, checkout the award winning




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