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Do new flagships represent innovation at Mobile World Congress? #mwc2016 #techstyle

Another Mobile World Congress has begun and with it new flagship phones have been announced along with a plethora of tablets, virtual reality platforms, and other devices. In a repeat effort of 2015, Samsung brought us more Galaxy phones in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge. Not to get bogged down in specs, both phones offer improved capabilities over last years models and bring back expandable storage. Both are at the leading edge of style, but this leading edge is getting rather stale with each passing year. After so many iterations, smartphones are simple a screen and the case that holds it and it’s internals, and there isn’t that much more to it.

The modular smartphone has returned via the LG G5. Taking a cue from the past of mobile tech, LG has reinvent its G line by introducing various modules to increase the functionality of the phone. Will average consumers buy the G5 or its assorted (and probably costly) attachments? Those in the know can’t help but remember the Handspring Visor and its modules (including the VisorphoneVisorphone) from the last decade and its influence on LG’s changes with the G5.

HP shocked the world by announcing of all things a phone running Windows 10 mobile. The HP Elite X3 is a beast of a phone by any measure. However HP is positioning the Elite X3 not just as an enterprise phone, but as a whole enterprise computing solution with Continuum at its core. Is this the future of Windows “phone”? Only time will tell if HP’s gambit will be successful.

This current edition of Mobile World Congress is full of the typical flagship announcements similar to years past. However even with newer, better, faster, and sexier hardware the game changer that reinvents how we use our phones just isn’t there. Of all that has been presented, functionality like Continuum seems to be in the right position to change the very way that we use the things that we do everything on. Only time will tell if consumers will ever embrace real innovation in the mobile space or remain content with a newer, better, faster, and sexier version of last year’s model.

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Finish this sentence: The LG G5 modules or “friends” are …

Is the Galaxy S7 finally the IPhone killer we have been looking for?

For Windows users is the HP Elite X3 the windows device that you have been waiting for?



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