It’s Winter, Are your feet prepared?

Last month in most parts of the US, we were besieged by record high temps.  Temps so warm that in some places, it was ok to go without jackets and some even braved the weather with short sleeves.

It’s a different story this month, huh?

Well if it’s bitterly cold where you are or not, for some of us, snow is not that far behind meaning SOME of us will have to go out there and dig it out.

If you are in Boston, we will keep you in our prayers that you don’t get the same kind of snow that you got last year,

What kind of boots do you think you need?

Before you run out and buy the first pair of Timberlands you see, answer this quiz and keep score!


How much snow did you get last year?

A. We still got snow here from LAST year (5 points)

B. We got enough to cover the tops of our feet (3 points)

C. We got mostly dustings (1 point)

D. What is this…snow you speak of?  We never saw it but we got ice (zero points)


When you did see snow you… (count all that apply)

A. Was waist deep trying to dig out the car (5 points)

B.  Attempted to hide a body but it just wasn’t high enough (3 points)

C.  Shoveled and salted but no big deal. (1 point)

D. No seriously, what is this stuff you call snow? (zero points)


If you had to go out in the snow to do something for fun or to clear, how long did you spend out in it?

A.  30+ minutes and my feet were still toasty coming back in. (5 points)

B. 15 minutes maybe, because me and snow don’t get along like that (3 points)

C. 10 mins or less because all I need to do is make a path from the door to the street (1 point)

D. I went outside long enough to check the mail and make my neighbors who were shoveling uncomfortable because I had my bathrobe on…and nothing else (zero points)


What’s the worst part of walking in the snow?

A.  My feet getting frost bitten and or wet (5 points)

B.  My pants getting wet even after tucking them in my boots (3 points)

C. Worrying about slipping on ice (1 point)

D. Who has time for boots? (zero points)


For the snow that you get, what does your boot have to do?

A. Be insulated, have a solid grip and durable year in and year out (5 points)

B.  Be warm or have solid traction, either or is fine  (3 points)

C. Just something good to get from point A to B and have a good grip nothing fancy (1 point)

D.  They just have to look good on my feet (zero points)


Now that you have taken the quiz, look at your score to see where you land.   Based on your needs here are a selection of boots that range from the practical to the stylish (and everywhere in between).

The Substance ( fifteen points or more) :


Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Titanium Omni-Heat


Helly Hansen D-Ring Boot

The Style & Substance (ten to fifteen points) :


Timberland Earthkeepers


Doc Martens Mayport boots

Style Over Substance (zero to 10 points):

The Grey Jack Boot



Dockers Manson

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