1st Impressions – Star Wars Battlefront: Not the Game you were looking for

Is the Force strong here? May be not.

Pop Culture Uncovered

(you can also hear what we had to say about it on our latest podcast)

This impression is based on the Xbox One system

EA DICE, you had one job and one job only. Bring back a series that missed a console generation and make it fun for everyone. Instead, you took one of the biggest licenses that fans worldwide revere and spew out a game that is just half cooked. It’s absolutely stunning that twice (thrice if you really want to count Battlefield Hardline) already this console generation that EA has hyped a shooter up to unbelievable levels only to let audiences down. Titanfall which was supposed to be a system exclusive killer app for the XBox One fizzled out after under a year and unless EA does some serious work with its DLCs for Battlefront, they will lose the Star Wars crowd with this as well.

So, let’s…

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