Fallout vs Rise of the Tomb Raider…Which are YOU getting?

So many options and not enough time…but what are you going to get?

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Which one are you getting tomorrow?  It’s very rare that two AAA titles launch on the same day not to mention in less than 3 days after a Call of Duty drops.  Some gamers will be hard pressed to decide and some have expressed why they will wait to pick up Fallout 4.  Others may be holding off for Star Wars Battlefront and PC gamers will be anxious to get their hands on StarCraft: Legacy of the Void which drops as well.  Regardless of the games that are dropping, many are happy to see some serious heavyweight titles release in time for the holidays.

Let’s weigh out the pros and cons and then get input from you all about which one is going to take up your time.


  • highly anticipated sequel of the Tomb Raider reboot from 2013
  • has rated very well in early reviews
  • graphics and controls are…

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