A Look Back at Baltimore Comic Con 2015

In today’s world there seems like that there is a convention every week and around every corner. With the increasing number of conventions (cons), it has become harder and harder for the fans to decide where to spend their hard-earned money. Luckily for them for the past sixteen years the home of Natty Boh and crab cakes is home to one of the best conventions on the eastern seaboard, the Baltimore Comic Con. This year’s con occurred from September 25-27 and featured a host of notable creators including the likes of Neal Adams and Frank Cho, insightful panels, a robust artist alley, an onslaught of cosplayers, and for the first time ever guest from the screen including Ming Na and Kate Cassidy.

The Great Mark Waid

In my opinion the Baltimore Comic Con is a con that places the emphasis on putting the fans directly in the crosshairs of the creators more than any other con. The level of access that fans have to creators is just unmatched. One of the highlights for us was getting to talk to Mark Waid about his enormous body of work and his book Strange Fruit with JG Jones. Another highlight was getting a chance to interact with Bret Blevins. While he had a long career before the creation of Sleepwalker in the 90s, it was the vividness of his art on that book that made us lifelong fans of Sleepy and Bret himself.

The Legend Neal Adams

The artist alley was as large as ever and it just seems to get bigger. The crown jewel for us is getting the chance to visit with the plethora of mainstream and independent creators that litter the exhibition hall. From fan favorites like Valiant Entertainment to local creator like PLB comics, the artist alley is the place to find hidden diamonds in the rough in addition to those creators that we already know and love.

The newest addition to an already normally impressive slate of guests to the con was the inclusion of guests from television and movies. These guests included the like of genre icon Edward James Olmos, the ever awesome Ming Na (we still love her a Chun Li) and the sultry siren herself Katie Cassidy ( Arrow in the house). It was a really great experience just bumping into Mr. Olmos and being able to tell him how much we have enjoyed his work over the world.

No convention is complete without the dedication legions of fans that come dressed as their favorite characters. These individuals are the heart and soul of any con, and Baltimore Comic Con is no different. Here are just a few of some of our favorites:

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At the end of the day, Baltimore Comic Con knocked it out of the park. But of course we already expected it to. It is a convention for the comic fan in all of us that doesn’t disappoint. From the artists, to media guests, to the panels, to the kids activities, to the Harvey awards, to the cosplay (whoa!), Baltimore Comic Con continues to be the must visit convention to see. we can’t wait to see what 2016 is like.


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