Summer Style with the @PaulFredrick Summer 2014 Collection

14P_2K2L_5_029Paul Fredrick is a brand that has been in existence for the past 25 years. They originally specialized in dress shirts, but over the years their collection has grown to feature a wide assortment of garments including suits, vests, ties, shoes, cufflinks and other accessories. Paul Fredrick is a company that oversees every step of a product’s life cycle from the design, to the manufacturing and distribution to ensure that each and every piece maintains the high level of quality that each customer deserves.

14P_2K2L_7_113The Paul Fredrick Summer 2014 Collection seeks to illustrate this commitment to quality by focusing on light and comfortable seer sucker suits, unique patterned ties,and colorful dress shirts. All are perfect for summer sun. Seer sucker goes hand in with summer, especially here in the Washington DC area. The seer sucker suits presented by Paul Fredrick are very classic in style yet still maintain a modern twist.

For more information about the summer collection, visit their dress shirt page at Paul Fredrick Dress Shirts




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