Seasonal Essentials: Sunglasses



Of course the sun is there all year round, but we don’t seem to talk sunglasses until the roll out of spring and the following summer. Personally I’ve never been much of sunglasses type of guy with respect to their variable styles. I very much am a one pair of sunglasses type of guy. My current go to sunglasses are a pair of generic aviators that picked up from Sunglasses Warehouse a few years ago.

The aviator’s origin finds its way all the way back to 1936. The style was originally created by Ray-Ban for pilots to help protect their eyes. They were sold to the public shortly there after. Another popular style is the Wayfarer. Also created by Ray-Ban, the Wayfarer’s origin can be traced back to 1953 and received a cultural renaissance when they were featured in the 1983 movie Risky Business.

Other styles include the wraparound and the oversized varieties. Wraparounds as the name implies wraparound the wearers eyes and face. These are seen as a very sporty style and is often associated with athletics. The oversized sunglasses are well oversized. They are signified by oversized lenses and frames and can draw design elements from other styles.

The varying style and colors allows finding the pair of sunglasses that for your style (or style for the moment) to be a style adventure that will surely never end.




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