Women of Webster: Regina Rye (@mztripleR)

Realizing her purpose to benefit her fellow-man, Louisiana native Regina Rye is working toward a path to become a youth counselor. While holding degrees in Criminal Justice and Human Behavior, she loves connecting and spending quality time with her family and friends. She finds peace and happiness with traveling, spending time with loved ones and experiencing new things while preparing herself for the next stage in the adventure that is her life.

savedpicture-201441766451. In your own words who is Regina Rye?

I would describe myself as a strong, loyal, loving, independent and sensitive young woman who works hard to exceed my goals.

2. What drives you to be successful?

My desire to have things in life is what drives me to be successful. But who determines what success is? Success to me would be having a career comparable to my education, skills and experience while also making a happy home as a wife and mother.

3. Finish this sentence “In five years I will be…”

In five years I will be employed, healthy, happy, a homemaker, a wife and a mother.

4. What makes you smile?

Giving genuine love and compassion to others and receiving the same in return. Giving others information and/or tools to help enhance their quality of life.

SavedPicture-2014417672.jpg5. Do you think chivalry is dead?

Yes. There are still a few good men out there who still believe in being chivalrous but as for the majority of the population, chivalry is most definitely extinct! But women must demand respect and not settle for the okie doke.

6. If you could do or be anything, what would it be and why?

If I could do anything I would win the lottery and use a large chunk to invest in providing services to our youth. In my opinion kids in this generation are raising themselves and are too focused on sex and drugs. I’d like to help them redirect their energy into becoming productive functional members of society. I would love to gift a home to some of my family members on land that I purchase for family lots.

savedpicture-201441766537. What qualities do you expect a Webster Man to have or demonstrate?

A Webster Man in my opinion, is one of sophistication and grace. A Webster Man is well-dressed, educated and motivated.

8. What is one secret about women that you think all men should know?

Doing the little things for a woman to make her feel sexy and beautiful is the best way to her ….. um, heart. Being attentive to the needs of your women without her having to ask and with no expectations will unlock the cookie box. Make efforts and be attentive!



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