Review: Shaving heads with the ATX ALL TERRAIN RAZOR SYSTEM (@headblade)

I’ve been a Gillette Mach 3 guy for a few years now since I started to shave my head again with a razor. I thought it was the best until I used the ATX All Terrain Razor System. Established in 1999 by Todd Greene, the California-based HeadBlade,Inc is behind the ATX.

HB_ATX_2013_350x350The Razor
The HeadBlade all terrain shaver is designed to look like a car. Mr. Greene has a love of automobiles which shows in his many designs over the last 15 years. The grip is a finger handle easy to hold and control as you shave. It is designed to curve with your head and face while you shave. The shaver has 4 razors blades to help get you that close shave you desire. So far I have shaved with the same razors 4 times (Head and Face) and the razor is still pretty sharp.

HeadSlick_5oz_2013_350x350The Shave Cream
They call there shaving cream “Head Slick” it is a Menthol infused shave cream. I never used this kind of shave cream before so I was a little skeptical (old fashion) I’m used to the foam cream etc. I’m not even a fan of the shaving gel. This menthol infused shave cream has given me a whole new look on my shaving experience. As I shaved my head I really enjoyed the cooling sensation I felt. You do not get the big lather that you would get from a standard cream, but you do get a good lather that does the job.

The Packaging
The ATX All Terrain Razor System Kit includes a one All Terrain Shaver, Head Slick and 4 pack of refill blade cartridges. Separately these items retail for $15.00 (All Terrain Shaver), $6.97(Head Slick), and $11.97 (4 pack Refill Blades) for a grand total of $33.97. If you buy the ATX All Terrain Razor System Kit you will pay $29.99. You’ll save a few dollars if you buy it as a set.

Overall Review
I really loved this product and I would recommend it to my fellow bald head friends, family, and anyone who shaves their head. The pricing is standard to a lot of shaving products out now. This is not a high-end luxury product for shaving but it ranks up there with them. For more information on this product visit



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