Women of Webster: Martinique Jennings (@Martinique757)

Martinique Jennings aka @Martinique757  songstress that has turned her love of beauty, family, and life into must visit destinations on Youtube. She has used her platform to give make up tips, product reviews, random Mom cameos, and the occasional ugly sweater party. In every case, she injects a passion that makes you want to watch more.

1. In your own words who is Martinique Jennings?

Martinique Jennings was born in Germany by way of being an Army brat, but grew up in Virginia Beach and still resides there. She has a personality out of this world and becomes friends with just about anyone she meets. Her smile lights up any room and she has a big heart. She loves her family, is passionate, and has self confidence like no other. She’s a hard worker and extremely driven. Once she has her heart set on something, she does whatever she can to make it possible. To her, there are no limitations when it comes to ones dreams. She truly believes that through faith and God, anything is possible. When she’s not busy working at her part time job, and helping her father at his church, she enjoys being a Freelance Makeup Artist. She uploads Makeup tutorials and anything else Beauty related onto YouTube under the name “Martinique757”.

2. What drives you to be successful?

I think the fact that I want so much better for my family honestly drives me to be successful. When you grow up watching your parents struggle on a constant basis, and you know there really isn’t too much you can do to help them, it makes you want to move mountains for them to have a comfortable life. Pops is one of the hardest working men I know. This man works full-time (for his own company mind you), is a full-time student in Grad school, and is a full-time Pastor. On top of battling Diabetes, his life is stressful enough, so if there’s anything I can do to relieve some stress in his life, I’m all for it. For as long as I can remember, I always said that if I ever became rich or famous, that I’d pay all of my parents bills. I’m 28 now and I still feel the same way. Let me actually win the Lottery ever in life, after I stroke a check to Sallie Mae, I’m paying off my parents mortgage. They spent 18+ years taking care of me, I plan to return the favor one day.

3. Finish this sentence “In five years I will be…”

A happily married Makeup Artist/vocalist/Actress…and maybe even a mom. I know, that’s an interesting combination but I want to do it all! Makeup gigs have been picking up lately, and a lot of great opportunities are happening for me (in that area) right now so I think it will be on a whole new level in 5 years. I’ve always been a vocalist, and have recorded tracks numerous times and now I want to work on an EP; that should definitely be done by then lol! As far as acting, that’s always been a love of mine. I had the privilege of being a part of an independent film here in my area and I had such a great experience that I wanted to get more involved in Films and Plays. I’ve actually thought about finding myself a talent agency this year so if/when that actually happens, maybe you’ll see me on your TV screen one day! Now as far as being a mom, I would love to be a mom! I love Precious Lambs (kids), ask anyone! It wasn’t always a dream of mine, but being a mom is such a wonderful thing. I would love to have a little mini me running around one day!

4. What makes you smile?

Animals, Precious Lambs (Kids), all things Pink and being surrounded by great people honestly make me smile! I’m a very goofy person and I’m such the people person, so it doesn’t take much to make me smile. The simple things in life make me smile as well.

5. Do you think chivalry dead?

You know, for the longest time I thought Chivalry was all the way dead; especially coming from my generation. At one point, I even thought I had to date men older than me to experience an ounce of Chivalry. But it took me meeting a special someone for me to realize that there are still men out there who will open a door for a woman, walk her to her car or her door. Sometimes the absence of a parent can be the reason why so many men do not practice chivalry or haven’t been taught the importance of chivalry. Or maybe some men just haven’t had the best relationship with their mother or a mother figure in their life which causes them not to even think twice about chivalry. If they aren’t shown the way, then I really can’t get too upset when I have to open my own door.

6. If you could do or be anything, what would it be and why?

If I could be anything it would definitely be an Actress because of the simple fact that it really allows you to bring your imagination to life. You get to play so many different characters and still be yourself at the end of the day! Not on some Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type stuff, but I could be the World’s Best Ice Skater one day and be the most powerful person another day. Who wouldn’t want those capabilities?!!

7. What qualities do you expect a Webster Man to have or demonstrate?

I expect a Webster’s Man to have his own swag. He doesn’t go by the trends of the world because he has his own trend. I expect him to treat all Women with respect; treat them like you would your own mother. I most certainly expect a Webster’s Man to demonstrate chivalry so that Women can experience real gentlemen and know it still exists. And lastly a Webster’s man should also have integrity, be driven, faithful, honest, mature and self confidence; not to be confused with a big ego.

8. What is one secret about women that you think all men should know?

I think the one secret all men should know is, that we (women) all really appreciate the little things. Sometimes all it takes is for you to perform a small gesture to let us know that you’re actually listening when we talk, and you pay attention. My boyfriend knows I am a lover of all things Hello Kitty, so when I cut my finger at work he bought me Hello Kitty band-aids. How cute and thoughtful is that? Something so simple left a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Find her on youtube at Youtube.com/Martinique757


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