Ask Webster Style: T-Shirt Exposure

SavedPicture-201432773237.jpgDear Webster Style,

I wondered if you could help me with a fashion problem. I’m trying to figure out what kind of undershirt to wear with a dress shirt without a tie (and the top button undone). Do I want the undershirt to show at all? If it’s ok to show it, do you recommend a colored shirt that matches the dress shirt, or a white undershirt? Perhaps a gray shirt? Do you recommend crew neck or v neck?

I’m leading a symposium and am looking to be a little more stylish than typical professional at my meeting, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Washington State


Thank you for your question. Wearing a v neck or a-shirt would be your best bet if you are not trying to show it. If you do want it shown (which is ok btw), a crew neck is good. A colored shirt with a matching crew would be really cool as well, but when in doubt a white crew works. Good luck with the symposium.







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