The Webster Style Review: Andrew’s Ties via @Shopties

SavedPicture-2014314133125.jpgFinding quality and reasonably priced neckwear can be a challenge at times. With high quality neckwear costing more than $100 at a time, it is hard for your average Joe with a mortgage to justify that kind of expense. Not wanting to sacrifice quality for cost, the handcrafted Italian Andrew’s Ties line by seeks to fill this gap. Does the brand fulfill that niche, or is it just another failed attempt to separate you from your hard-earned cash?

SavedPicture-2014314132259.jpgI. Build Quality

One of the first things when removing the tie from the package was how soft it was. Sure we have worn other silk ties before, but rarely have they felt that soft to the touch. With further inspection we saw that tie was stitched together very well. Over a month of wear, tear, and stress tests did not cause any fraying of the tie. The construction and build quality are top-notch.

SavedPicture-2014314132252.jpgII. Design

While the brand offers a variety of designs, we reviewed one with a pink and navy cross checker pattern. The pattern itself was very well done. An initial view of the tie can give the impression that the navy and pink are interwoven like a knit tie. A closer look reveals that the tie is one complete piece. The pattern and the tie’s overall design are really good.

III. Is it worth your money?

With its stellar build quality and impeccable design, getting this and any other Andrew’s Tie will be a good move for your wardrobe. Ranging from $49-$69 at, purchasing an Andrews Tie will not leave a huge dent in your wallet. It will however give you a great tie for a very reasonable price that will last you for some time to come.

If you are interested in learning more about these handcrafted imports from Italy, visit for its diverse selection. If you find something that you like, us the code is WEBSTER20, a 20% off any purchase. The code is valid till the end of the month!



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