Smartwatch Spotlight: Cogito Smartwatch (@cogitowatch)

connectedevice-cogito_1389887997I think therefore I am! Originally written by Rene Decartes as Cogito ergo sum, this philosophical statement has lent itself to the name of a new smartwatch line simply entitled Cogito. Brought to us by Connectedevice, Ltd, the same company behind the Cookoo, the Cogito seeks to combine the functionality, style, and size of a standard watch with the standard connectivity that one would desire.

The main difference with Cogito when compare other smartwatches is that the Cogito seeks to be a true companion device to your cell phone, and not an extension or replacement like others in the category. Cogito is very similar to the preciously featured Martian Notifier, where by it seeks to and excels at notifying you of the most important aspects of your phone.

With its seemingly seemless integration of notifications, time, style, and price (MSRP $180), the Cogito seems poised the strike the right cord with the masses. Your time does matter with Cogito, and you can find out more at

Checkout this in depth look at the Cogito by the

Take a look at the stylish promotional video for the Cogito.



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