Penance Hall uses Kickstarter to offer you the best dress socks that you have ever owned.

9a2ee0dad0f62ac267155c587b735f42_largePenance Hall seeks to give us the best dress socks that we have ever owned! They are tired of men’s dress socks that were either in boring colors or silly, childish patterns, and are even more tired of our socks falling down around our ankles throughout the day. With their kickstarter campaign, the veteran owned Penance Hall is offering dress socks ever that are made of the world’s softest wool, available in eight bold colors, guaranteed to never fall down, and 100% American made.

1390975197849Penance Hall’s kickstarter has reached and exceeded their funding request. As a thank you, they company is currently offering lifetime pricing for all backers. With only a few days left in their campaign, this may be an opportunity that many will not want to miss.

For more information on Penance Hall, visit their Kickstarter page at



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