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Smartwatch Spotlight: The Meta by @Meta_Watch

MetaWatch Strata & Frame
MetaWatch Strata & Frame

MetaWatch was one of the first viable and consumer friendly lines of smart watches to become available in 2013. With its two models the Strata and the Frame (see more here), MetaWatch offered products for the sporty and the sophisticated. As 2014 begins, MetaWatch is back with a new line of watch simply entitled the Meta. The Meta seeks to redefine the sophisticated look of the Frame, while adding much the durability of the Strata without the bulk. The Meta also brings an updated screen and operating system along for the ride. If the Meta lives up to the hype (and gets WP8 support), it just might be the smartwatch that we have been dreaming of.

Checkout this hands on with the Meta via

Meta Video

For more information on the Meta and the rest of MetaWatch family, visit them at @websterstyle


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