Women of Webster: Dimple Price (@pricedimple)

3b896466430c47d14c4bbaa4bf96a8f4Dimple Price is 25-year-old college graduate with a degree in criminal justice that hails from Arlington va. As the middle child of a lot of six, Dimple has always had a desire to help children, especially troubled teens. She strives to help young troubled teens any way that she can, but views being a good role model as one of the best ways that she can effectively impact a teen’s life.

1. In your own words who is Dimple Price?

Dimple Price is a hard worker, she is passionate about the projects and work she takes on. She is a go getter that is driven by motivation of others success. She is loving and caring, she wants to help as much as she can, and make a difference to whomever will listen.

2. What drives you to be successful?

My success is driven by my motivation, whom is my older sister Tashica. She is the true definition of success to me, as far as career and family are concerned.  She didn’t let the struggles of our upbringing discourage her from making her dreams come true. She graduated from college at the top of her class, she is currently married to a wonderful man, and has made me a proud auntie for a soon to be third time. In addition to being a great mom, wife, and sister, she also owns her own business T*Morgan designs for interior designing.

3. Finish this sentence “In five years I will be…”

“In five years I will be, sharing my life through photos, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I have a lot to say. I will express it through modeling, facial expressions, clothes, and runway.

4. What makes you smile?
 With a name like Dimple, what doesn’t make you smile. Others happiness makes me smile, success makes me smile, real love make me smile, and children.
5. Do you think chivalry is dead?
 I don’t think chivalry is dead, I do think the amount of men that act on it is very rare.
6. If you could do or be anything, what would it be and why?
A model, people will listen and watch what they want, things that interest them. If you have a model with an advocate motive, those of interest will listen to the message she gives, she will become a role model to some, she will be motivation, and people will become believers, that with hard work and dedication dreams do come true, because that is what she will teach.
7. What qualities do you expect a Webster Man to have or demonstrate?
A webster man shall obtain gentleman qualities, as webster would say “a man who treats people in a proper, polite, manner, with chivalrous qualities. A man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior.”
8. What is one secret about women that you think all men should know?
 All men should know about the little things that count, taking notice in detail with women.

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