The Bookshelf: Favorite Comics of 2013

The comics medium is an ever expanding literary form that continues to extend its tentacles into every aspect of our popular culture. Over the course of 2013, we have read and talked about a lot of comics over at The Next Issue podcast. While there are a lot a great comics out there, here are our top three favorite tittles of 2013.

1. Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood (

The sequel to the original Kill Shakespeare series picked up the ball of the original series and scored another touchdown. The introduction of Prospero and Miranda to the Kill Shakespeare world was a welcome addition that was further cemented by the excellent writing of Del Col and McCreery and the art of Belanger.The Tide of Blood has left us wanting more ofJuliet, Othello, Romeo, and Hamlet.

2. Sex Criminals (Image)

This has to be the one title that really surprised us this year. While the art by Chip Zdarsky is excellent, it is the writing of Matt Fraction that really grabs the reader. The dialogue between the two main characters are very much grounded in reality and are very much indicative of the conversations that most of us have had during the course of our adult lives. While this series is relatively new, we are quite intrigued (and excited) to see how the series will evolve in the next year.

3. Superior Spider-Man (Marvel)

The year 2013 began with a new Spider-Man. This Spider-Man still retained the shell of Peter Parker, but the inside was now controlled by the conscieousness of Spider-Man greatest foe: Dr. Otto Octavius. This new twist on Spider-Man has led to a non stop roller coaster of a story helmed by Dan Slott. While there are many that are still sulking at the death of Peter Parker, Superior Spider-Man is a tittle that we haven’t been able to put down.

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